there were two people who met, fell in love and got married. Instead of presents, they asked for help honeymooning in Italy. This is our site all about our families adventure. We hope it will inspire you to love Italy just as much as we do!

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Here are some additional pictures of the colosseum that don't appear else where on our site.

You can't really see how big this building is till your standing next to it.

The Road to Rome

The five of us set off on a grand journey by fulfilling a life long dream of traveling to Italy; a place beyond our experience, to meet new people, see new places and to love the good food and wine. We have set forth on our dream to see and be touched by Rome and to find the heart of Italy.

For only by going away from home do you fully learn to express and respect the place you live in. Here in America we live in a land where no buildings are older then five hundred years. In Italian terms, five hundred years is considered the modern period.

So What is This About?

We want you to be as excited about Italy as we are. We thought you might enjoy these pictures and notes of our trip. We don't travel like most folks on holiday, in fact we got our own private tour guide, Pina. She is a 2nd cousin of the family and she also happens to be a very professional tour guide in English, German and French. We hope when your done reading about our trip, you might want to look her up yourself and make your own personal Italian adventure a dream come true.

Click Day #1 link, or the Next Day link if you are interested in skipping all the explanations below. We know all about how exciting Italy can be cause I have been there!..


Kind travelers only, please. We are not interested in supporting those American tourists who give the word "American" such a bad name. If you are one of them, we don't mind you reading about our trip - but we would prefer that you stay at home, because if you are rude and self indulgent overseas - It makes traveling so difficult for the rest of us. We can't tell you how many times we had to apologize for our fellow American's behavior.

The Problem

We know how difficult dreams can be. Especially when they require a little discipline saving up for the big day. You must be excited about the possibility of going overseas, you just don-t want to have the same experience that sixty million other people had. Sure you want to see the Roman Coliseum, the Vatican, and Rome. You want to see Italy from the inside as Italians see Italy. Not from the inside of a bus.


If you like what you see here feel free to tell your friends about our trip to Italy. We would love everyone to be able to share in the experience of traveling abroad. Honestly, we'd love to help anyone who is in love with the Italian experience and can't afford it - so live vicariously.

We hope you enjoy our website. We certainly enjoyed making it. Please click the link on the right for the Next Day to hear about our trip.

We are so excited that you are interested in this material and that you are going to share in our adventure!